Where do deleted files go on ROCK / NUC external USB HDD?

Using my MacBook Pro’s Finder, I can see my ROCK via the network icon. Accessing the Data drive on the NUC allows me to see external USB HDDs via the “Storage” subfolder.

When I delete a file or folder on the external drive connected to the NUC, the files/folders disappear, but they don’t show up in my MacBook Pro’s Trash bin. Where do these deleted files go, and do I need to delete them again? From where?

Thanks! Glenn

Hi Glenn
They don’t show up on the MacBook Trash as they were never on the Mac to begin with and the Mac Trash icon is only for locally deleted files.

When you delete them from the Rock storage folder they are gone for good (for easy understanding at least).

Many of us use a sync tool to sync our computer storage to Rock and never manually delete files from Rock.

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Hi @Michael_Harris

What I needed to know. Thanks!

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No problem, happy to help :+1:t2:

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