Where do I buy a Nucleus?

Dealers don’t sell roon nucleus anymore? Tell me amazon? And not available for 2 or more weeks? What is going on?

I searched online for Roon Nucleus Plus. Found an entry for amazon with 1 left in stock.

Just press the “Buy Now (US Only)” button on the Roon Labs page. It shows a bunch of listings.

Doesn’t the Dealer Locator work for you? It’s certainly showing me the dealers in the Netherlands (where I live).

I just purchased a nucleus from a dealer here (Singapore) too. While I don’t need support the unit was in stock. It was a rev a unit but that doesn’t bother me.

there are some roon nucleuses (nuclei???) up for sale right now on Audiogon.com
I dont know if they are the latest and greatest version.

At Definition AV, Santa Monica, CA. We have been Roon supporters from the very beginning and supply Nucleus’ with full support.

Please don’t paint with too broad a brush…

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You are the exception. Another exception would be Upscale Audio, my online dealer of choice.

I’ve been on the forum long enough to see that many dealers have no clue as to how to setup a Roon Nucleus or, perhaps more importantly, what to do when there are problems.

Maybe the OP lives near Santa Monica or La Verne.

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Uh, we have a lot of dealers.

We also sell direct.

I meant he was an exception to being able to competently support a user’s installation of the Nucleus and to address any potential problems.

Not disputing the number of dealers, but from what I’ve seen on this forum, many can’t or won’t offer any competent after sale support. In those cases, one might as well buy from Amazon.

Of course, for all buys there is always professional support from this forum’s support staff. :slightly_smiling_face:.

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