Where do I download ROCK?

My NUC 7i5 had some power issues of my doing and it seemed to have really messed up ROCK, so I’m going to start over again from a USB stick.Bios look fine and it says ROCK is loaded etc. but I can’t access it to save my life. I have a backup of the catalog.

So when I sign in and go to the download link, it just takes me to a KB popup and no download. This is on Safari on a Mac Pro and same on my laptop. What’s up with that? Can you get me a proper link? Thanks. Charles

Here is Roon’s Download page:


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I do know how to navigate to a downloads page. But like I said, I’m signed in and everything, but all the ROCK link there does is open a KB pop up. Very frustrating.

Just tried with Chrome too. Takes me to a KB page that says “link here” that takes me around in circles with no actual download happening.

Try this link

In the download section

Ok, got it. Buried in the KB. I guess it forces one to follow it exactly! Sorry about that. CP

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