Where do I Find Recommendations?

Running 1.7 on a Windows PC / iPad Pro with core on a NAS. Where do the recommendations show ?

Just to the right side of whatever you are listening to.

Once you have a streaming service.


Ah, that explains it - I don’'t have a Tidal / QuBuzz subscription. Pity that it’s set up that way.

The purpose of Recommendations is to present you may like that are not in your library. How could this be achieved without a streaming service?

However, you could sign-up for a free Qobuz account which while show recommendations but not permit you to stream the music.

Roon could look at what you are listening to and then make recommendations from the universe of music in the world and make recommendations. You would then need to decide if you want to download and buy the music from some source. It could be done, but why?

This is what Valence does, but it can only make recommendations based on the services integrated with Roon.

True, but Roon could look at Qobuz and Tidal without the user needing a subscription to them. I’m not suggesting this is how it should work, only that it could be done.

Rather than Roon applying huge funds and time to solving your issue, you could just sign up to a streaming service that integrates with Roon. It’s not expensive in this day and age…

If you are responding to me, I have Tidal and Qobuz. But, I agree, that is what the OP needs to do if he wants recommendations.

I don’t think so because the information is provided by the streaming service so there may be licence considerations.

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For sure. (10)

It just dawned on me that this might be a way for Tidal and Qobuz to sell their service. Let Roon use their database of music for recommendations to non-subscribers.

This could be easily done without having to pay for an additional service - there are many public databases that have this data. Or alternatively, it could be done thru Qobuz or Tidal by showing me the recommendations even though I would need to purchase the service (or the music) to actually hear it. Showing me the working feature would encourage me to purchase it.

My specific concern is that the most touted feature of the latest upgrade is basically invisible to me without spending even more money. That’s a pity.

All that having been said, I signed up for Tidal and the feature works well. Would rather not duplicate my Spotify account that I use to exchange playlists with friends, but so be it.

…”huge funds and time to solving your issue”

If you need to misrepresent my position, please start a new thread. I have no “issue” needing a solution.

As mentioned in an earlier post, you can do this with Qobuz now with their free account. I’m not sure if you can access a TIDAL account after a subscription has lapsed.

Is that mentioned somewhere in the release notes for 1.7 or on Qobuz’ site? Seems like that effectively demos the feature without requiring putting up a credit card which would have been nice.

Thanks for the reply.

No, in other posts. However, I have tested this too with my Qobuz account–I no longer subscribe but I get Qobuz recommendations when I sign-in using Roon.