Where do I find settings

Where do I find the “Configure Roon OS Devices”
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as far as I know, and from the screen shot text, you need Roon up and running to get there. Sounds like you are running ROCK, so what you can do is try re-booting your NUC or go to the Roon OS Web Interface, via a browser.

Either you already know that address, or you have to go figure it out, go to your Router or any Lan Analysis tool, even from your phone, try to identify the address of your NUC, hopefully you named it, if not, cycle it and notice the the new address. Once in you can cycle the server or reboot the nuc or at least identify if it’s running.

You may also be being confused by that KB article, which refers to an earlier version of Roon. That “Configure Roon OS devices” (on the Settings > Setup page) is a bit irrelevant. It’s been replaced by a screen on the Settings > General page that should show you the IP address for the Web Administration page of your ROCK directly, e.g.:

Well, I’m a bit lost since I don’t know how to get to “Settings”. The only page I can reach is where I can shut down or restart and enable wifi. And by exploring files I can see the of folders under the “Data” folder. But in order to avoid messing things up I have only added the FFmpeg to the Codecs folder.

OP stated he can’t login from his iPad nor from his Windows PC, thus he’ll never get that screen.

It sounds to me as though you are thinking that the Settings screens are accessed via the Web Administration screen of ROCK - they are not.

The Settings screens are part of the Roon software that you download as a client onto your Windows or iPad.

That sounds great but when I try to log in from my iPad - or Windows PC - it doesn’t allow me to connet and tells me that I have a network problem. And since I can reach the screen where I can restart the Roon Rock on my Nuc I don’t really have a network problem. I use the same login name and password that I use on the Roon web.

Perhaps OP should post a screen shot of what he’s looking at, I’m assuming he can’t get any Roon screen thus suggesting he can go to the Web Interface to restart the server or re-boot ROCK, but if he can get to a Roon screen, then yes, the Hamburger > Settings is perfect.

So Tim, post a sceen of what you can see are you able to get to Roon or now?

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As @geoB suggests, screenshots would be very useful. I’m assuming that you are following this KB article on setting up Roon Remotes? Do you at least get the first screen asking you to “Choose your Core”? Is it the next screen (the “Login or Sign Up” screen) that is failing with the network error message?

I have installed the Roon program on a Windows PC which is connected to the same switch as the NUC with Roon Rock. When I start the program this is the screen.

If I click on the Roon Optimized Core Kit and Configure Roon OS Device I’m here

And if I go further on this track I come to this web-site:

If I chose the Roon Optimized Core and try to login this happens:

If I use my iPad, the result is the same …

Er, in that first screen - are you clicking on the “Connect” button (which you should be doing), or are you going to the bottom of the screen and clicking on the “Configure Roon OS devices on your network” link (which you shouldn’t be doing)?

Edit: I think you are saying that you tried both routes - and the second (the correct one - clicking on the “Connect” button) has got you to the login screen - and that’s where you are getting stopped by the network error.

So, since you are getting that Network error, and on both your Windows and iOS devices, then we need to diagnose your network setup.

What is your network setup, and what firewalls are you running?

I’ve also moved this thread across to the Support category of the forum, so that the Support team will see it and hopefully help with the diagnosis…

Oh, since the network is an extension of our company network - our business and our living is on the same property - I have to check with the guy who is responsible for the network, firewall and all that …
Thank you for your help so far … stay safe and [enjoy good] sound …

Hello again. I would just like to check if my suggestion is correct. Since I’m logging on to the Roon ROCK in my network using the login name and password I’m also using e.g. logging in here, does that mean that my Roon ROCK unit sends a request to some Roon server to get the confirmation that this subscription is ok and then receives the answer from that external server. Could it be that our firewall has to be set up so that it gives the permission to this communication? Sorry if my description of my thoughts are un professional, but I am only an accountant … not IT expert …
Kindest regards from Tim (alias Winnie-the-Pooh)

Your Roon ROCK unit (i.e. your Roon Core) needs internet access to Roon’s cloud-based infrastructure for subscription confirmation, metadata updates and other things. So, yes, your company’s firewalls need to allow this communication.

Hi @Tim_J_Faste,

Thanks for reaching out regarding this issue.

Yes, I suspect that you are correct here, it sounds like the ROCK Core is unable to communicate with our account servers to authenticate your license.

Can you please show me what the bottom section of your IP Address info looks like? I would like to see the DNS Server aspect specifically.

Hello again, thank you for looking into this! Here’s the whole page:

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Hi @Tim_J_Faste,

Thanks for sharing that page, this is helpful indeed. It looks like you are using a non-standard DNS server, which I suspect is causing an issue on the ROCK communicating with the internet.

Can you please try to change your DNS servers on your router to Cloudflare DNS, Quad9 or Google DNS and see if that helps?

We changed the DNS setting to Google DNS to be the first choice. It hasn’t helped me to connect to the service. Since I’m a tight-fisted old man who don’t want to pay for a non working service I will close down my test period. I do that with a lot of grief because I have been looking forward to enjoying my music through the Roon interface. I thank you for your efforts to help me. I have to see if I come back or if I have given it all up …