Where do I find the billing information in my account?

Description Of Issue
In my account there is no billing information listed. So where do I find it?


Account - scroll down page

Sorry, don’t see it.
[Screenshot removed by mod]

You’re on the Community website. You need to go to the Roon site.


Cheers, Greg

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Got it! Thank you. Please delete my account information on the community site. What is the way to contact you directly, without appearing on the community web site ?

Contacting anyone is done though this Community. You can click on a persons avatar and select Message to create a PM. So, you need to maintain your community profile.

If you need to discuss something with Roon staff, you could PM a moderator (which I am one) and we could point you to the right person.

Generally, people will create a thread like you did here. If it’s support related, Roon support staff will help you out. If it’s account related, generally a moderator will tag Roon accounts staff.

Anyway, I hope that helps.

Cheers, Greg

No one in the community site can see your account info.
How stupid would that be?

If you mean your profile, as in the above post, you’re the only one who can see that.
As least you were until you posted the screen print. :wink:

If you mean your user stats, other people can see them -

But they can be hidden by you in your Profile, here -


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Never mind. I see what you are saying.

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Thank you, Slim_Fishguttz

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