Where do some imported files go?

Good morning !

I have quite some Led Zeppelin bootlegs in single channel FLAC format, all thoroughly tagged. While some different versions of the same concert at the same day show perfectly in Roon, one album does not show at all - even after forced rescan.

Roon version is latest .142 (but this problem existed right from the beginning), Roon server is running on Windows 10, folders are watched folders.

Album and folder title is “1975.02.14 - St. Valentine’s Day Massacre”

I have tried now to remove the folder from my NAS (imported files in Roon decreasing) and to copy it back (imported files in Roon increasing). But where do these files go ?

  • search for parts of the album title fails.
  • search for “Out on the tiles” (a track of the album) shows numerous other Led Zeppelin bootlegs (all of which I also have) with the title but not the one I am looking for. (and also “Turnstiles” by Billy Joel, which does not contain that title).

I have the show duplicates on for this reason and no more ideas how to successfully show this album in Roon. Any ideas ?

could it be the “.” in the folder title? Try copying the files to a new folder without the "."s and see if the album is seen again.

Thank you for this proposal.
However, all of my bootlegs have the dots in the folder title. I thought it might be the apostrophe but other albums with apostrophe are imported well.

Any further ideas ?

I hope it is not that Roon has a “political correctness filter” running that sorts out the title … ?? :wink:

Ok, I found the album “the analogue way”. I made a list of all Led Zeppelin albums in Roon and compared it to the ones on my NAS. This way I found the album that Roon had chosen “St. Valentine’s Day Massacre” to be - a different bootleg of the same concert.

Maybe in future versions they will implement an easier, more digital way to find that out ?