Where do you sell your audio stuff?

While it’s fun to buy lots of toys, I can’t stand having stuff around that I’m not using. So now that I’ve acquired a few things, I’m finding it hard to get rid of them again if I still want reasonable money for them (most of them are not very old and all in perfect condition).

But where? It turns out that many of the used stores want real vintage stuff and don’t pay much for newish things. Craigslist and OfferUp haven’t been roaring successes so far, either. And eBay is tricky because shipping heavy audio stuff is expensive.

How do you guys do this?

I sell my used stuff on Audiogon. I have had great success there. Be aware that no matter what you list something for you will never sell for that price. Everyone wants a deal so if you want $100 for something list it for $125 that way the person offering $100 will feel as if they got a deal. By the way you will for sure get offers of $50 for that same item. Thats Audiogon.


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Robert, as with John Aiello, I have had good success with Audiogon. There are knowledgeable, savvy people on the site, so you’re sure to get some offers if you price your stuff realistically. As an example, I recently parted ways with some terrific French speakers made by Atohm.

I don’t think I would have had a prayer trying to sell them on eBay as they are somewhat esoteric. Also, Audiogon has some nice selling tools and both buyer and seller protection.

I have a linked PayPal account, so the money comes directly to my account and then to my bank.

Good luck!

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Interesting, I had not heard of Audiogon! Looks very interesting – but might also be a dangerous place for me to acquire more stuff! I’ve posted a few things on Head-Fi but haven’t gotten much response. Audiogon should be a better place for them (and especially for the things that don’t have much to do with headphone listening).


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Audiogon, Audiocircle, ebay…

Canuck Audio Mart

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I also use https://www.canuckaudiomart.com/

I’ve sold mainly on Head-Fi, but also a couple of items on the Sales and Trades forum here.

Yes, I know that there’s a forum for this here :wink: It seems pretty specific to DACs and streaming devices, though. I will put my Allo Boss here though, since this is likely a good place for it. Not so sure about amps, a phono stage, etc.

I’ve had tremendous success with The Music Room http://tmraudio.com . They will pay cash via PayPal, take gear on consignment, or give credit for trade against their ever-changing inventory of gear. I discovered them a few years ago and it’s been a great way to try gear and move gear I no longer want along. Not affiliated in any way - just a truly satisfied customer.