Where does Roon store the "Conductor" tag?

I may be being a bit dense here, and of course I am sure both Qobuz and Roon’s source of metadata have the conductor listed for a classical piece - but… where does Roon store this so I can edit if it is wrong? I can see a list of credits when I edit the album, but there is no conductor listed at all, yet the album clearly shows three! Where does Roon keep these sneaky fellows as I am sure only one of then needs to actually be there :blush:

I think you’ll find the conductor credits down at the track level, rather than at the album level… I suspect that Roon is aggregating track-level conductor credits up to the album level…

Edit: yep, just looked at this album, and while Adam Fischer is the conductor, Justine Wanat and Marieddy Rossetto are the Chorus Masters, and all the credits are down at the track level. Roon will aggregate Chorus Masters with Conductors - it groups these credit roles together, apparently.

Ah I see, that seems to be a Roon choice lumping those together then - having found the track credit list its shame you can’t alter the order of those credits to effect the Now Playing ‘Performed by’ status bar display though. Because Anna Larson comes first the screen looks for her picture to display, there isn’t one so it displays the cover art (that’s my setting order). No matter what I edit at track or album level, even removing the obvious duplications, I still don’t seem to be able to effect that order?

Edit: Hang on, removing the tick against her as an album primary artist takes her out, but still puts the orchestra first, and conductor afterwards - taking the orchestra out does the trick, but that’s daft! Am I trying to achieve the impossible? @support :thinking:

There’s no way to edit the order right now – feel free to open a feature request on this.

I am planning to add rotating artist photos for all main performers to Now Playing (like we do in Displays), but it didn’t make the last release.

Once we rotate photos of all the main performers, this won’t be an issue any more:


This is great — but an important detail, what are “main performers”?
When editing an album, there is Album Artist (which you told is just a string, may or may not include blue links to artists), and there are Primary Artists, which show up when you open an album but are not part of album sort order. I would like rotation among Primary Artists.

Main Performer appears to be a role under credits that is used by some publishers, but it has no first-class role in Roon, there is no provision for editing Main Performer, in fact Main Performer is not even recognized as a role in the Credits editor (Main Personnel is, whatever that is).

So I hope you will use Primary Artists.

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