Where has the ABC search function gone in Albums and Artists

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Linn Akurate DS

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Where has the ABC search function gone in the update.

It was one of the best features in the earlier version.
But the Tean was of the opinion you don’t need it.
We have so much unused space that it was difficult to find a space for a button to activate.

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Well, I personally would like it back. It made searching so easy.

I may have to review my subscription as it is available in other platforms.

What ABC search exactly? No idea what your refering to.

I use my Roon on an IPad. When you went into either Artist or Album at the bottom left of the screen there was ABC. You could touch the screen and the alphabet would come up. Then you could type out the name of an artist or album. It would then appear.
I frequently used it for a random search to find something different to play.

Don’t think I ever saw or used that, surely it works the same as the funnel filter though you just type in name or album it comes up? What makes it any different to that?

Yes, it does. I just preferred the ABC option.

If I hold the slider bar on the right whilst in my albums, it moves through either letters or years, which is nearly as quick as before.

The funnel doesn’t work the same way as the ABC option: type M and it lists any name with an M in it, not just those beginning with M.

On the other hand, the funnel is available with any sort order, not just name.
My default is Date Added sort order, and if I type “colt” John Coltrane shows up. And if I type “requiem” I get several requiem albums, so it’s not limited to artist name even if I sort on artist name.

That’s why I have preferred the funnel for years.

QuickJump exits for Albums and Artists that are sorted in alphabetical order. Try it, set the sort order to alphabetical and just type a letter

No, not on a tablet (as ist was in 1.7)
now only if you have a keyboard

Can you explain what QuickJump is? Or, where it is? It sounds like a way around the missing ABC drop down but doesn’t seem to be a choice in Search, Focus or Filter. Thanks.

I agree, I used the ABC search alot. There is still plenty of room on the interface.

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