Where have all the Masters gone?

Just looking at Roon/Tidal/Masters and there are only two pages available.
Any ideas please.

Try re-starting your client and/or your core Chris. I’ve just checked and have the lot.

Thanks for that, they have now returned with no action… I did try a few times before posting.

Seems you could be onto a bug as the remote seems to only show 2 dots at the bottom when you select View All but if you just scroll to the right you get more pages - granted the little rotating activity indicator is spinning around while this happening…once it stops the 2 doss’s disappear and all the albums seem to populate

could much depend your internet connection speed how long that takes

@support maybe there should be more dots as once it stops spinning the 2 dots disappear altogether

An initial 50 albums (I think, which is why most people start with two dots) are pre-loaded, and when you actually select the Masters tab the remainder are downloaded from the Roon metadata service. There’s quite a lot of data to be loaded and it can take some time for the additional pages to appear.

Thanks for that explanation, it makes sense. Could just be a slow internet issue making it visible just now.

If you didn’t know. There is a lot of MQA that is not listed under masters.

You can use Tidal, and look for the M sign. (Next to the E).