Where/how to find metadata in my PC music folder on Roon?

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I had a bunch of CDs ripped by a commercial company who entered their metadata into the music files. But I can’t access this metadata on the Roon pages, only Roon’s metadata. I’ve gone to “Import Settings” and changed all the settings to ‘Prefer files’ but that didn’t allow me to access the metadata in my PC music folder. All I can see is Roon’s metadata.

Have you made any edits to this content in Roon?

Is this content from local files, TIDAL, or Qobuz?

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Hi Steven,

Not official support, but, fellow user. You kind of confused me when you say “metadata into the music files” which implies that the meta-data is embedded in the files, yet, you then say “access the metadata in my PC music folder” which implies to me that the meta-data is not in the files but in a companion file with the music.

That being said, what is the meta-data in question that you want to see. If you go to an album, click edit, under Meta-data preferences select prefer file, then that should be your data. There are a couple of exceptions, which is why I ask what is the specific meta-data in question.

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You can SEE , but not edit the metadata tags , click on a track far RHS, find file info and there is a hyperlink to Tags

I am not at my PC to post pictures

Your best bet is something like MP3Tag , a freebie, and read your files/folders direct

Roon is quite deliberately not a Tag editor

Thanks Daniel, and thanks Mike for helping out. I’m new to Roon and clearly I’m confused about something. Let’s take the 10 CD compilation “Milestones of a Violin Legend: Henryk Szeryng” as an example (one of ~100 CDs I sent to a ripping company to be digitized). The metadata on Roon is sparse, not even listing composers on discs 7-9 and only composer, artist, and titles on the others. When I do what Daniel suggested (“choose prefer file” for a selection) nothing changes. When I do what Mike suggested (click on the hyperlink for file tags) there is no additional information available. Does this mean that the Roon metadata is incomplete, and/or the metadata provided by the company that digitized my CDs is incomplete?

Here, FYI, is a pretty complete metadata listing for that compilation: Henryk Szeryng – Milestones Of A Violin Legend (CD) - Discogs.

Another example is the CD “Journey to Persia” by Dastan Ensemble. (That’s another one of the CDs I sent out to be digitized.) On my Roon page for the album there are two listings under the Versions link: one is listed as “library version” (= the one I had digitized) and one is listed under “Qobuz version” (which I subscribe to). The metadata for both version is almost identical, but not quite. What does this indicate as far as my metadata source is concerned? (The compilation I mentioned above does not exist in Qobuz AFAIK.)

I’ve written to the ripping company to try and clarify what metadata they’ve supplied for the compilation. I’ll have to look into MP3Tag as Mike suggested and see if that helps to clear up the mystery. Any further advice is much appreciated!

I found this thread on tagging services:

–but I have no idea how to use them or if they’re relevant to my situation.

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