Where is convolution taking place

I am rather new on Roon. It was the new convolution engine that made me take a try with this software.
I have it all working, but I do not under stand how it works.
I have the following setup. I am running a Core install on a windows computer. This is connected to my NAS music folder. I control the system from a laptop. And finally I play the music into my DAC with a RaspberryPi/HiFiBerry+ Roon-bridge. Now. When I installed the FIR-filter I had to select it from my laptops disc (i.e. the control unit). (The same filter also reside on the Core-servers disc, but I can´t access the from the control unit) It works when I load the filter from my laptops disc however. But I don´t understand - where is the actual convolving taking place? I tried and turned the laptop of, and there was no change in the music, so I guess the processing is not taking place in the laptop? Is the convolving performed by the core? How, if the filter resides on my laptops disc?

Roon works on a server and client function. One installation of either Roon or RoonServer is the core and where all processing takes place, all other installations are just remote control clients.

Processing happens on the core. When you loaded the filter, Roon copied the filter files over to your Core.

Yes I understand this, but I use also a Bridge. And I still don´t understand how the convolution works. Are the FIR-filters moved from my laptop into the core? The Core can´t access the filters from my laptop if the laptop is turned of. If I nest time start playing music from my phone, and my laptop is not turned on at all, will there be no convolution then? In that case I would have preferred in the filters could be “installed” on the machine where the core resides and loaded from that machines disc at the start.

OK. I see. Thanks for the answer. Will the filter remain on the Core-machine even after a restart where my laptop is not involved?

Yes. It should.

Yes. That’s what I meant when I said “copied” instead of “moved”. Once they’re uploaded to the core, they’re there regardless of what you do with the laptop.

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