Where is Muddy Waters?

In Roon it shows only 5 "appearances " for Muddy on Tidal…

Whereas Tidal has a voluminous amount of Muddy

I’m wondering why this is happening and how many other artists are similarly affected?


Not sure what’s happening to you, but I have access to 43 Main albums, plus lots of other Apperances and Singles, etc.

Cheers, Greg

Okay, let’s try a reboot. …


No effect., still, the same.


Are you running RoonServer? Did you reboot the computer or restart Roon?

Cheers, Greg

Restarted Roon server on NUC.


What about other artists? Is this happening with anyone else?

If it’s just Muddy, I’m not sure what would cause that. Might have to flag one of the Roon guys.

Cheers, Greg

Elvis Presley and John lee Hooker are fine,loads of tidal albums present.


It happens every so often for me. I just attributed it to how Roon searches by names and how Tidal may use more names/aliases/bands to get results.

I have just become used to keeping Tidal open and using its search when I think the Roon results are incomplete.

Wish I could be more specific at this moment.


Maybe see if @mike can figure out why you’re not seeing Muddy. He’s a pretty smart guy!

You’re in Ireland, correct?

Cheers, Greg


Try clearing the Tidal cache. Will at least rule that out as an issue.

Clearing the cache made no difference.

the strange thing is if I search for Muddy Waters, on the search page where it shows local and Tidal artists and albums, the full compliment of his Tidal albums show up, whereas as per screenshot above when i go to Muddy’s Roon page only his Tidal “appearances” show up.



@Sloop_John_B Your initial screenshot has only local albums. Are you logged into TIDAL?

If you search on “Muddy Waters” do you get the TIDAL artist Muddy Waters?

Yes and yes, if you look at the bottom of my screen shot it has tidal appearances the muddy waters - tidal albums should appear just above this but do not


Same problem with an austrian band called “Schmetterlinge”.
There is a library artist with that name containing all my local albums and a Tidal artist with exactly the same name containing the Tidal albums. So, in roon I have two seperated artists with the same name.

These are not the only examples. Had the same f.e. with “Edo Zanki”: only local albums, listed under two different artists with same name.

I don’t think that’s my issue, there is just one Muddy.

It’s just that when I select Muddy all his Tidal albums don’t show in his artist page.


Please try the following: go to the Tidal App or webplayer and favorite a Muddy album you don’t have in your collection.
Then go to Roon and sync Tidal content.
What happens?

I’ve noticed this “bug” with other artists and chalked it up to different search mechanisms.

This seems to have done the trick, Muddy’s Tidal albums now showing up on his page. (Caveat I’m presuming this is what worked I should have checked the situation this morning before trying this but jumped straight in, so not scientifically robust).

The issue still remains that if I didn’t inherently “know” there should be more Muddy available in Tidal, I would be none the wiser and may be missing out on other artists - @mike