Where is Remaining Time?

Someone put me out of my misery.

Where in heaven’s name is “Remaining Time”? (Either on a track level, or a queue level.)

iTunes has it. Even my cassette deck has it. It must be in Roon somewhere. I haven’t managed to find it in two years of looking.


On the queue page above the radio button there’s a “Radio starts in ##:##” indicator.

Is that what you mean?


Yes I just switched radio on, and there it is.

Problem is, I never, ever use “Radio”. Do I have to start using it find this function? That would be weird.

If you click on the musical note and staff on the lower left, to go to the queue, look on top of the queue column and you will find the queue time remaining. As far as I can see there is no track time remaining, and I would really like to have one too. Other apps use a click on the right total time to change to time remaining.

I don’t follow. Can you see it on this screen shot?

Hi Ludwig,
I think he is referencing the time played values on the left hand side of the wave-form.

That’s just the played duration of the current track, right?

Yes. I think he was referring to that and also joining you in wanting a definitive “time remaining” counter. One can always do quick math I guess, but who wants to use that side of the brain whilst listening to music. :smiley:

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Turn on the Radio @Ludwig

Wonderful things happen.


Hahahaha thanks for the suggestion!

It sounds like a feature request to make it more prominent.

You must have something in the queue, as shown above, for it to show up, otherwise there’s nothing to show the time remaining for. And yes I would like a time remaining on a per track basis.

Not more prominent, Carl. For me it’s almost never there. It needs to actually be there!

[quote=“David_Townes, post:12, topic:14415, full:true”]
You must have something in the queue, as shown above, for it to show up, otherwise there’s nothing to show the time remaining for.[/quote]
That is not actually the case. I am playing Mahler’s 7th CD, which stretches over 2 CDs. And yet the queue claims to be empty and therefore I get no remaining time.

Yes, works with multiple parts are treated as a single queue item, and once the work starts playing, then it’s taken off the queue, so that becomes empty, and no remaining time indication is given.

Definite room for improvement here, I think.

This does seem like a bug – the countdown timer includes the Now Playing track when there are additional tracks in the queue, but we don’t show the “time remaining” when there are no tracks in the queue.

I’ll open a ticket @Ludwig :slight_smile:


Has this feature ever been added? I am looking for the remaining time of the running track. In most players one can simply switch between the total time and the remaining time by clicking on the time itself. In the above screenshot that would be by clicking on the 20:55 it would show 19:03 and then counting down until 0 at the end of the track.

Still no remaining time of a track in Roon after 3 years.

@mike, What is so hard to add this feature?

Just look how Spotify does it - they have it since years.

I don’t think they said it’s difficult.

But @mike I second this and wonder if this is a design choice. I still, after many years, click the time on the now playing bar expecting it to switch to remaining time. Because every other music app I’ve used behaves like that.

@mike Just in case the requirement was not communicated clearly before:

We only want to be able to click on the below time to toggle between total track time and remaining time:

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