Where is Roon Manual or Software Overview?

I’m trying to figure out whether I can project music from a Music server that is my Roon Core (Innuos Zenith SE) that currently projects exclusively to a Chord MScaler and DAC to headphones. I would like to be able to stream from Core to MacBook Pro on wireless network that is hooked up to AudioEngine DAC and speakers. Would be nice if there were documentation to help with this. Not sure whether the MacBook Pro should be a Roon bridge or some other designation. Also not sure that it makes sense to stream wirelessly from the Roon Core Zenith SE.

Thank you

You’ll find a wealth of information, including a User Guide, in the Roon Knowledge Base.

Thank you for pointer. Is what I indicated possible? Not looking for specifics, just a general “should be” or “probably not.”

Thank you

Check out the documentation for Roon Bridge. Running that on your Mac should make it possible for the Roon core — running elsewhere — to play to the DAC attached to that Mac.

If your Zenith SE and the Mac are on the same network, the core should be able to stream to it.

( …I say, writing as a customer who hasn’t tried this specific DAC or core, rather than an employee.)

Just install the full roon package for mac on your mac. It will detect there is a core on the network and ask if you want to connect to it. Say yes, and your mac becomes an endpoint with full remote control.

Thank you. It works now. Wasn’t sure it would recognize the AudioEngine D1 DAC.

Right you were. Had installed before, but couldn’t get it to work. Installed the latest version across all platforms and away she went.