Where is setting to Hide / Turn Off the SongKick Concert info?

Server - Windows 10Pro 64Bit / 1.7 Build 528 64bit
Client - Mac 1.7 Build 528

I have read several threads about turning off the SongKick concert info display in the client. Many giving thanks for adding the switch to turn it off/on. But I can not for ht life of me find it in the Mac client. Can any one give me a pointer to the setting toggle.


You don’t really “turn off” Songkick info, you just fold it up on the screen. See Pic

If you click the “-” sign by Concerts it will roll that section up and just show Concerts +. Clicking the + again will display the section.

AHHH It was too obvious. thank you, I was looking in the system setting area.

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