Where is the focus tab on a phone device?


I have various devices and use a Samsung S10 android phone and cannot for the life of me find this elusive FOCUS section. I’m clicking on the heart icon on tracks and albums for stuff I like etc and haven’t got a bl**dy clue how it works… it’s so so confusing.

Can someone help.? Please. I’m out of my depth with this roon software.

Thanks !!

Ok…so It Doesn’t Exist on the android phone !!!

I’ve spent so long on this and it’s a Roon limitation !!!

Roon support can this get added ?? Please.

There is no Focus or Heart. Rediculous.

Phone interfaces do not have all the options tablet/desktop interfaces have. If you want to request this you can make a post in the Feature Request section.

It’s not just Android, it doesn’t exist on iphone either. These features are for desktop and tablet and there is another thread doing the rounds about favorites (these are also tablet and desktop only).

The best you can do on mobile is use a favourite that has been bookmarked on desktop or tablet.



Cheers Mike.

I suspect its a screen real estate issue or lack of screen maybe.

Just very frustrating when you are working with Roon half blind.


I notice as well I cant click on the heart tab on certain albums or tracks ? Is this normal ?

There doesn’t seem to be any option to?

So here for example there is no heart or am I doing something wrong ?

Adam from memory when selecting Tial or Qobuz tracks you can only heart them if they are in your library. So I am currently playing a Tidal album that is not in my list so I cannot heart it. If I change to another album that is, then I can heart that.

Not sure that actually makes sense, but I think it is how it works



Ok u may be right. It’s so very confusing and annoying. Thanks

Adam everytime I revisit it I agree that it is a bit of a mess. But we don’t know how the integration with Tidal and Roon work, so it might be all they can do.

I think it could be a better thought out implementation though (like adding it to your Tidal or Qobuz libraries)



In order to be able to edit anything, it has to be in your library. When you add something to your library, THAT is when an object is created that can then be edited by you. To heart an object it needs to exist first.

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Rugby it’s not the most elegant solution but I understood that which is why I followed it up.
Maybe op could make a feature request as it’s not the first time this has been raised



The issue plain and simple is that I want to make Roon more intelligent with the AI and help it make.better choices based on my likes and I’m not sure if liking anything makes any difference.

We are bombarded with so much choice and variety of music that it makes my head spin a bit and I’m trying ready to feed Roon the best I can.

So if I like lots of ‘Stuff’ maybe it helps them with choices and selections for me ? Not sure… thanks

Adam there is post somewhere by Talking about this, but Roon are fairly secretive about how it works. I’m not sure if liking songs makes much of a difference.


Understood. I’ll probably not bother and just simply add them to my favourites list… if I get 10000 songs eventually that should keep me happy ! Cheers and HNY btw

You too Adam.
That’s a good library size

Many thanks.

I’ve tried this and it makes sense yet still I cant heart tracks from that album that’s been added or is there a delay possibly?

Adam go to your Tidal menu option and press the sync button at the top of the page.

Then search for the album again and hopefully you should be able to heart it.


Actually Mike it’s not the album but the track being played

Same process?

Adam the way Tidal favourites tracks is strange, if you only favourite one track from an album then you only see the track as a one track album.
Not a fan of it to be honest and I stopped using it and only favourite whole album’s now.

Just changed my listening for the moment to test (as not listening to an album in my library at this moment)
Ok so all caught up, do you see this screen on now playing?



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Mike I wasn’t aware of that ! No point as I don’t want a 1 track album. I’ll ignore from now.on. Thanks.

Great artist BTW !