Where is the HI-RES filter in the playlist section?

Or what am I missing?? Or why is it not there? I need this.

I am not talking about filtering my collection. I am talking about filtering the playlist section in Qobuz. All original Qobuz filters are there, except for the HI-RES filter. Can you put that filter there please? Why is it missing in the first place?

Not sure I understand what you mean. My playlist section has no filters. Because it’s a playlist section, it contains playlists of stuff you’ve put there.

If you want a hi-res playlist, surely you can make one?

Can you share an imagine of where you think this filter option should be?

I think it’s this set of filters

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I am not talking about your or my playlist. I am talking about QOBUZ playlist section!

Then that’s on Qobuz. If it doesn’t show up in roon, it’s likely because Qobuz are no longer sending that information.

Perhaps someone from roon will
Be able to advise further though

Jeez…ask nicely and the community will go out of their way to help you.