Where is the "I HATE this track never play it again" button? [Ticket In]

Whenever I click thumbs down on Miles Davis, it encourages Roon to play more Miles Davis.

That’s too funny…in a not funny type of way…

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Iss right next to the “I HATE this artist never play them again” button.

In my dreams…

the pop up asking why i skipped a tracks appears on my pc when i skip a track, but not on my phone, hence the Android specific posting.
I’ll know for next time, if i want to block a song, to use my pc instead


@brian ??
Have you verified action on Android platform?

@RoonQA, please take a look. I would expect this on both platforms.

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Hi, did the latest build (778) fix this issue for you?

Asking so I can update this list:

Nope, there is no :heart: icon on a queue that I build, nor on a queue that Roon provides, on todays version of Roon for android

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The :heart: / Ban icons only appear on tracks/albums in your Library in the browsers - it doesn’t make sense for it to apply to an item in the queue that you are building for Play.

For Roon Radio, choosing the “I don’t like this track” acts as the Ban function - is this still not working?

No, on android, there is no option to like, or otherwise, a currently playing track in the roon radio queue.
Skipping the current track does only that, there is no prompt to ask why I skipped

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Thanks for letting me know.

What version of Android are you using? The options are there on Android 10 on my Nokia 7 Plus…

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I’m using a Sony XZ1 on android 9
I agree with what you show above, that you have thumbs up/down options on songs coming up in the queue.
I’m also seeing that, like me, you have no options on your screenshot of disliking the song actually playing now

Ah - gotcha - skipping the currently playing track on tablets/PC/Mac brings up the dialog. Skipping the track on Android (and iOS?) smartphones does not…

In the old days you would just drag a screwdriver across the record. Problem solved.

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we used those records as air rifle targets…

We used moving car tyres but don’t tell anyone!

Poor, poor vinyl records!:cold_sweat::cold_sweat:

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Banning a track should be possible from anywhere. Im often listening to a song i never want to hear again but cant block it because its not in my library. Thats crazy stupid

I would like to be able to give a thumbs up or down AFTER the track has played.