Where is the link to ARC x.209?

There’s no post in the Early Access section and the “latest version” link downloads x.207. Should we move from downloading from the Early Access section to the phone’s app store’s version?

209 is production not early access. Download it from your devices store.

So should we move away from Early Access releases to the prod version? Because that’s s disruptive upgrade and it doesn’t make sense to go back and forth.

That’s up to you if you wish to use early access or production.

Early access is to test prereleases and keeps updating based on what other new features are being added. Why would you expect a full release be on it? The latest early access will have all of the features in release but won’t have last tweaks made to make it suitable for a general release. You can’t have both worlds it’s one or the other.

Nobody is asking for both worlds, I know well what an early access release is, it’s just weird to me that the pre-release is in a lower release number than the production release. I would expect it to be on the same or lower release number, not on a higher one for which there is no equivalent in pre-release. That’s why I got confused thinking that this was a new pre-release version for which the link was missing. That is all.

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Hi Edvard. Just a short comment to say I am also on early access and was asking me the same questions as you did here. Unfortunately Roon seems to be a little unclear on this sometimes.
I meanwhile removed my current early access ARC and installed the latest regular release from the app store.
And when there will be a next early access release I will switch back to that manually…
I was also a little “surprised” about both answers you received to your initial request…

I think this was answered in EA somewhere a longer time ago. And if it needs further clarification, surely the best place to ask is #early-access

Essentially and IIRC, the production release is normally the same as the EA release regardless of a higher build, except if there were occasional last-minute fixes, typically minor, that didn’t go through another EA cycle.

Personally, if I don’t experience a huge problem, I don’t consider it an issue if I don’t have some minor last minute fixes from production. The next EA release with new stuff usually comes soon after the production release, anyway.

If someone must have the highest build number and any latest minor fixes at all times, I suppose they have to switch channel. Whether that’s worth it is a personal decision

That’s the versioning they use production is a higher build the ea. Usually prod is the most recent ea build with an incremented build number and potentially minor last minute tweaks and fixes that are undocumented to us end users.

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