Where is the Roon Remote download link in the app store?

Hi, the app store at the following URL merely displays the title, logo and a bunch of screenshots of Roon Remote. It also says “This app is available only on the App Store for iPhone and iPad.”

Where do I get the download for my IPad? Thanks.

Yes, that is a good question.

I see you used Apple’s web site.

If one tries to use the macOS App Store app, a search on Roon returns ‘not found’.

Using the iOS AppStore app on your iPad will return the results you want under ‘Roon Remote’…


Hi @Claudia_Locsin,

If you open the Apple app store and search for Roon, do you see it show up in the results? Are you able to install it that way instead of using this direct link?

That worked great. Thanks so much!

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Hi @Claudio_Locsin,

Happy to help!

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