Where is the support?

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)


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Description Of Issue

I recently had a problem getting into Roon and posted a request for help on community support. Four days later I still haven’t heard anything from anyone at Roon. I did receive one reply from a community member who was having a similar but not identical problem. This gave me an idea that eventually allowed me to find a way into Roon so the problem is now solved. My question is where is the support from Roon? If I hadn’t been able to find a way to fix the problem I would still be waiting for assistance without access to my music system. What support is available from Roon? Is there a support team? How do you access them if you need help?

I think you posted one day ago, not 4 days ago. That is, unless you deleted your original post. It’s also best to make a new post of your own in the Support Category instead of tacking onto someone else’s. I’m glad to hear you got you problem resolved. There is a Roon Support team, but at times, they seem to be under staffed.

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What you are referring to is the reply I posted yesterday. The new topic I refer to above was posted on 11/4/21. Roon has not responded to my post. The only response I received was from from the forum member whom I posted a reply to yesterday.

I am not getting at Roon. I am simply seeking information about the support process so I will know how the system works next time.

kind regards

Look at your posts, it’s not there. Maybe it got deleted somehow. That might explain why you never got a response.

When you help from support, type the AT @ symbol plus the word support. That flags support and notifies Roon support staff of your request for assistance.

Thank you Robert, this is helpful and the information that I was looking for.

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Well you are right Jim. I can’t find it either. I can’t even find it in my system now although it was there. I replied to my original post and there were a couple of views if I recall correctly. I didn’t delete it, it has simply vanished. Curious. Anyway that would explain the lack of response. Thanks for pointing this out.

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Hi @Alistair_Maclean

Apologies for the trouble here! Taking a look at your profile, before this Topic, the last Topic I see from you is this one from November of last year.

Our support team is always happy to help, though! Creating a new post in the #support category and filling out the template is the best way to reach us, but you can always send us a PM as well if you have any issues.


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