Where is your iTunes xml file located? Cannot access my music library . Help!

Moved my library from iMac to Mac mini (core). When I go on iTunes there, all music and playlist are in the mini. I can stream perfectly from Tidal and Qobuz there but none of my music is getting imported.

Before on my iMac all my old playlists showed up in Roon even though I had previously deleted them in iTunes on computer and regenerated the XML file. Cannot find any info about this and the Roon database is very vague

Do you even need the XML file? Can’t you just set Roon to watch the folder where the music is?

What OS X are you running? Catalina? If so and this is the first time the mini has had music on it, you have to create an XML file yourself in the Music app. Just go to File > export library. If you used iTunes previously on the mini, then the iTunes XML file will be in Music/iTunes.

I think you need the xml file so it sorts out the playlist. I created the xml file several times but it still doesn’t work…

Yeah you are right. According to Roon KB iTunes, you put the xml file into the same folder as your iTunes media. Then you go into the preferences in Roon and set Roon to monitor and import that iTunes media folder. Hopefully you get things working.