Where on your website is installation information

What is the difference between Server, Bridge, just plain Roon? I seem to recall reading it months ago, but can’t find it.
Where is guidance on what to install where?
If it’s on the forum, that is really stupid. It should be prominent, it should be available without logging in.
Maybe it’s somewhere, but I’ve spent 10 minutes looking and I don’t have more time to waste.

I may be an idiot, but I’m an idiot that spent serious money on your product.

@Philip_Karlin1, Can you tell us what you have and what you are trying to do, for example what are you installing on a PC, Mac or Linux, what will you be playing your music through and how will that device be connected, where will your music library be stored? I am sure assistance will be provided.


I’ve got a computer hooked up to my audio system, my library on a server, a Windows mapped drive. I want to set up control from a separate Windows PC. In the future, I will want other zones as well.

For the moment, I’m up and running, I think. It asked if I wanted to update the audio PC install, and now it’s updating the database.
I started the program on the audio system PC. It would not display, something about not fitting on screen… I left it running, and installed Roon on the control PC. When I attempted to login, it said “Oops” and asked me if I wanted to switch from the audio PC or run as remote control. I chose the latter.

So first of all, “oops” implies I did something wrong. I don’t like being berated by software.

Second, my frustration is actually less with the software install, and more with the website. Responsive support is nice, but easy to find,clear and useful information in the first place is better.


Perhaps check here: https://kb.roonlabs.com

thanks Tbar,
This is the info I saw a while back, which I could not find earlier today. I appreciate the link.
I finally found an explanation of Server and Bridge, buried in a link off that page.

As an experiment, I went to the Roonlabs home page, then tried to find that page. Couldn’t find it.

Tried yet again. Found https://roonlabs.com/howroonworks.html. Had to scroll down 27 feet to find the link to the Example Configurations (which I really needed), and another half mile to the bottom where I found the link to the database.

Remember the pre-Bootstrap web where you could see what was on a web page without scrolling through its entire contents? Mobile is nice, but finding what you want is better.

So, with your help, we see that the info I was looking for is available. I may be an idiot, but Roon’s job is to make their site idiot-proof.


One click from the Pricing page brings you to the System Requirements page. I agree that this page should have a link added to take you to the Installation page. I’ll get that done.

The Knowledge Base is, as stated upfront, a work in progress. There’s a lot of information already in, but it needs to be better organised. The Roon folks are working on it.

That makes no sense. When I bought it, I wanted to figure out how it worked before I bought it.

“How Roon Works” is the key page, and it should be in it’s own top level link:
ROON | How Roon Works | Pricing | Partners | Redeem Code | More

“Redeem Code” could be inside “Pricing”, IMO.

“Download” on top level is good marketing for a free-to-try product.


If folks want to try out the Free Trial, the link takes them to the Pricing page, with the System Requirements page on it. I had assumed that most people would want to check out what the system requirements are first before downloading. Clearly some people don’t.

My issue isn’t system requirements, it’s How Does Roon Work.
In my case, I already own it, now I’m trying to figure out how to use it.
If I’m a prospective user, I want to know how the tool I’m buying works, before I invest time or money.
In fact I had seen the KB page that explains it before I bought. But it was last month, and when I finally got around to using it, I forgot.