Where should I go for building a Roon + NAS + DAC?

Where should I go for building a Roon + NAS + DAC? Thanks

  1. Roon core in Intel NUC + NAS QNAP TS-253D-4G with10GB card + DAC
  2. Roon core in Intel NUC + NAS Synology 720+ + DAC
  3. Roon core in Intel NUC + QNAP QNAP HS-453DX-4G Fanless NAS + DAC

Thanks to all Roon friends

IMHO this is just asking for trouble. Try to avoid that. (see also):

Use the NAS to hold a copy/backup of your music library / Roon backup only – and what ever else you want to use the NAS for (see also):


I have your 3rd option at home except the nas is only a back up from the back up.
But it was doing ok as a Roon Core when I started with roon, then as music storage and now a back up to the back up :slight_smile:
Nuc I5 8th gen / Node 2I / Dac / Amp
I use a SSD connected in usb3 to the nuc to store music.

Hope it helps and everything is working fine for me

From my own painful experience:

Stay well clear of the combination of running Roon on one machine and holding the music files on a NAS

Roon is not capable of picking up changes to files (added or changed tags, added or deleted artwork / pdfs etc.) in realtime as advertised. You’ll end up doing forced rescans all the time.

Either have both Roon core and files on your NAS (if your NAS is powerful enough mine just wasnt). Or have both on a dedicated machine (internal file storage on ROCK or plugged in USB drive to hold the music).

For me this is a true PITA as it complicates backup procedures etc. But as long as the core problem is not fixed, thats unfortunately the only option you have.

On the other hand - it works fine for me with music files on a NAS, including real time reporting of changes.

Unfortunately I’m not smart enough to know why…