Where to buy High End Sony Headphones in the UK?

I’m interested in buying a new pair of Sony MDR-Z7 M2 or Z1R but they seem to be impossible to find here in the UK. Regular high end HiFi shops don’t stock Sony, the regular HiFi shops don’t stock these high end models, and there are none available on Amazon.co.uk. Even eBay is coming up blank.

Any ideas?


Click on the red button “Where to buy”:

https://centresdirect.co.uk/ then put the model number in.
£750 for the z7.

Yep I did try that; the amazon link is dead, so it looks like you have phone round individual Sony Stores.

Thanks for the reply; I did see that but was hoping to get a pair for less than the £750 RRP since they’re a few years old now - they’re on US Amazon for $599.

UPDATE: Finally found a pair of Z1Rs from a UK eBay seller so I went for it. Second hand but look to be in very good shape. Fingers crossed!