Where to download ropieeexl v4.017

I came from taiwan,so english is poor.

i need ropieeexl v4.017 , because i still use pi2b.
but ropieee.org can’t find old version.
where could download XL v4.017?
i need airplay and roon bridge,thx.

Ropieee only supports the Raspberry Pi 3 and 4; there are no images available for RPi2.

You could try DietPi, and install Roon Bridge.

i know the last version is only support pi3&4.
v4.017 release date is 2021/11/05 , that time suppot pi234.
and i also update v2.566 to v4.017 in pi2.
now i unable to confirm if crash , i could use v2.566 to v4.017.
so i want to keep v4.017…

The 4.x branch and earlier are no longer available for download. Ropieee has a rolling release, and the current version available for download is 2022.06.4. Variants are available for RPi3, 4, and XL.

Unless you retained a copy of 4.017 you are probably out of luck.