Where to find DSP settings in Roon Rock?

As of today I use Roon Rock on my brand new NUC8i7BEH. The music is on a Synology 212+ NAS and I browse through the music using my phone. Also found a lot of settings in the phone app (Android), very handy…
Everything works like a charm! Before rock I used Roon on my other PC with Windows 10.

My question: where are the DSP settings to find while using Roon Rock? In Roon on my Windows PC it was easy to find, but in Rock I cannot find it. I assume it should be available somewhere via the Settings in the phone app?

Btw: using a SOtM sMS200-ultra

The phone apps iOS and Android don’t have all the settings available including DSP. You need to use a tablet or PC roon client to get to them. If you installed roon client on your Windows PC you could do it from there.

Hi Ged, thanks for your answer, that makes sense. Never thought of using the Windows client :sweat_smile:

Hey that’s what the forums are for. I’ve had many a slap face moment myself.

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