Where to find "Suggested New Tracks" and "Suggested New Albums" in Roon?

Title. I can only find the “New Tracks” under Tidal in Roon, but not what “Suggested New tracks/ albums” from the native Tidal app. I find most of my new music through the suggested menus.

There used to be a “recommended” button I could click in Roon but I cant seem to find that anymore either, a recent roon update must have removed or moved it to some other spot I cant find. However the “recommended” tracks werent the “Suggested” from tidal native app anwyays, just throwing it out there.

I think they are gone and replaced with the New Releases For You on the Home page.

In some ways, the Tidal integration is better (eg. with the inclusion of My MIxes) but I agree that it would have been good to retain the album recommendations.