Where to find the Knowledge Base https://kb.roonlabs.com

Could there be some advantage to having a link to the knowledge base somewhere in the community site…it took me a while to hunt it down in my history…maybe down at the bottom where the FAQ link is, but its not that obvious there.

And to include in the min operation platforms NAS devices or at least some guidelines.

Hi Paul,

There is an existing ticket in the works to add a link to the KB (probably the User Guide frontpage) probably in the upper header so folks can click into it (or even discover it) more easily. There will also be a link on the downloads page. This may not happen until after 1.3 is out the door.

Any other suggestions you may have about convenient places to refer to it gratefully received.

Surely there should be a link to it from the Roon main menu. That is so obvious that I hesitate to suggest it, surely that is already in 1.3.