Where to place Roon server in system?


my first post here, thanks for having me :slight_smile:

I bought a Nuc to run Roon core and I’m just wondering where to place the server in my system.
Should I connect it to the same switch where my NAS and Streamer are connected to? or can I connect it to another switch anywhere in my home?
Thanks! :slight_smile:

The same switch your NAS and streamer ideally but that is not absolutely essential. Mechanical noise may be an issue.

Thank you Henry, your answer is appreciated.
By mechanical noise, you mean the noise produced by the device operation?

Yes, the majority of NUCs have fans, and although mostly quiet, they may still cause a distraction to audiophiles trying to listen to the music. My NUC lives in the meter cupboard, along with another server, the router and a switch.

ok Geoff, thank you. So in your case the NUC is far away from the streamer/NAS I take it…

Almost. I don’t use a NAS, the NUC has a 1TB HDD holding the music, but my two primary DACs/streamers are in another room, connected by separate ethernet cables, 20 and 25 metres long.

I understand, and is the NUC connected to your streamers via a switch or directly via the ethernet cables?

Via a switch. Here’s almost the latest iteration of the network. I’ve just added a second switch at the location of the microRendu and Artera, so that I can have them both connected to the network.

Thank you Geoff