Where to put my core?

I have recently bought an Audiostore black box to house my Roon core (SSD) and music. I have various Naim systems dotted around the house, but they are all house in the stair lobby.

The black box is housed on the top shelf of a rack, whilst 4 Unitiqutes sit on lower shelves; all of these are connected to a NETGEAR switch that routes Ethernet signals around the house. This rack and switch is in the space under the stairs. Opposite this cubbyhole I have my main system with an NDS connected to the Ethernet.

My question: should I move the black box to another location in the house?

I am happy with the sound from the NDS, but I’ve read that Roon benefits from being in a remote location.

You only need to move your device which has Roon on it away from your listening area only if the device itself is making noise, like fans. I keep everything on a rack in a closet and my speaker cables go through an opening in the wall to my listening area.


That’s good news as I don’t to dismantle the rack again. It’s no hassle but I would rather listen to music.
So thanks again, especially as I can close the door onto the stair lobby.

If you can’t hear it, it should be fine. Do you have ample ventilation/cooling?

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If the space remains at or below 90F or 32C they will live long and prosper

What are the 4 Unitiqutes - Ubiquiti? If so, they make numerous products. If they are access points, I would suggest moving them to the top shelf and everything else below them to maximize their performance (though I sure hope you don’t have 4 in that close proximity).


Good point.
I leave the door to the cubbyhole open, and there are two ventilation grills. One is fixed open and the other has a fan operating in reverse to extract air. The latter can be a bit noisy when it kicks.

The Unitiqutes are Naim servers that pipe sound into my bedrooms, kitchen and study.

Back in the day my dealer suggested that if I was wiring for Ethernet that I should also wire for sound. In practice this means three sets of ceiling speakers and a pair of Linn Kans; these are not optimised for music rather they provide background / atmospheric listening. If I was refurbishing today I would not do it that way, although they are plugged into my network switch in a single place, which is convenient.

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Hindsight is always 20/20. I think the changes in direction and upgrades go hand in hand with the hobby.

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