Where to put my PDF files

I have pdf files in my own library, but Roon does not take over these in its library.

How to solve this

I believe the PDF has to be in the same folder as the album music files. If you are putting the PDFs in after the album is in roon then you probably need to do a rescan of your storage.

I know, I did all but this does not help. I did rescan, deleted the whole album and re brought it in. No succes.

Roon should and can fix this, but HOW?

With iTunes I got in the habit of importing a .pdf and then redesignating its file type as music. Once you’ve done that, the same data fields became available as in regular music files. At that point, you could then identify the .pdf with the same album name, artist name, etc as the album it is associated with. ITunes treats it just as though it is a music track data-wise, but it’s readable as a .pdf.

This has worked for me in Roon as well, since Roon scans the library folder and sees the .pdfs in the same album/artist association as the music files.

That looks great, but 'm talking about albums in my OWN library not in iTunes.
Please explain exactly what to do.

I’ve done just that, dropped a PDF in the album directory

then it shows up in roon

Example:Alison Krauss - Now That I’ve Found You.

This album has in my own library a beautiful pdf.

Qobuz does not have this and is als only with a CD resolution.

It should be very nice if people could bring this pdf file in.

I cannot do this in my Mac’s Finder, I wish.
But I see you do this with VLC?

this what I do. I did make .pdf > .dsf

This does not help either.

No that’s just showing the default program for that file type in windows.

Why are you renaming the pdf?

Good question.

I hoped I could fool MAC.

I think it works only with flac files, but not with dsf files.

BTW, I work a lot with dsf files. Most of the times they sound better than flac.

When Roon looks for a PDF file, then it looks for a PDF file. Renaming the file format to DSF is never going to end well.

The PDF needs to be in the folder with the music files. It’s a level or two above currently. Rename the file you renamed with DSF back to PDF and Roon should recognize it.

Sorry, I did this before, see in the beginning of this forum, but that does not work.

In my memory it worked like you said but not anymore. :sleepy:


Since you renamed the PDF to DSF, Roon has probably put the file into its “skipped files” section (because Roon probably sees it as a corrupt DSF file). You’re probably going to have remove it from the folder, rescan and then clean up your library, before putting it back as a properly-named PDF file again (with another rescan).

That’s nice. Does not work either.
Now I did this, see picture.
Does not work either also.

Why does your file have the extension Pdf rather than PDF? I’m not familiar with the Apple world - I use Windows…