Where's the music in that loft?

I’m looking at the Roon home page, and there’s a picture of a loft, with a few big sofas in it, very spare-stylish. It says, “Roon is a platform for all the music in your home.”

But I don’t see any music in that loft. There’s a box crammed in between two of the sofas, but that’s it. Are the radiators also speakers? It’s easy to be “a platform for all the music in your home” if there’s no music in your home!

Come on, how about a few of those blue-glowing McIntosh VUE meters, at least?

they should have used this room :slight_smile:

Way too much glass for good acoustics! :grinning:

I didn’t find anything like that on the home page, but perhaps this link?

If this is what you are referring to, I have to agree that it seems like an unusual choice for illustrating Roon’s architecture. No distracting audio equipment to be found, that’s for sure.


I still think those radiators are some kind of fancy speaker…

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I could buy that. Similar to these Quad ESL 57s. Usual placement, though. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll let you guys in on the secret – this is a (hidden) page of one of the largest Dutch online retailers:


Comes from America. You did not hear this from me!

(There’s a background story to this, involving a very Dutch trio specializing in humor and general weirdness on Dutch TV. Too Dutch to explain any further, I’m afraid).

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So says McIntosh, as does every other high end audio manufacturer. :rofl:

I believe this is the tool used by some aesthetes to find the sound improvements in their system.

They are some arse ugly speakers.