Which amp for system?

I also recently ordered a Nucleus to be the core of my Crestron based home automation network. For the main listening room, I will probably find a streaming DAC endpoint into some high end speakers - but does anyone have a recommendation for a Roon-ready rackmount DAC & multizone AMP suitable to put in the central equipment stack, that can feed passive ceiling speakers that are home run wired? It is not really practical to put local endpoints on those ceiling speakers.

MIke, I have done this with the 4 Zone NAD unit. It is 1U and you can use any amplfier

Thanks David - which amp did you use out of interest?

Audiocontrol 16 Channel

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There is a thread here, not sure exactly where, that discusses solutions to a setup very similar to yours. Noodle around, I’ll do the same and send you a link if I find it.