Which android player for UPnPBridge?

I have tested on my fiio m11 pro with following renders so far.

USB Audio Player Pro: Works sometime after setting < stream_length> to -2, but random stop working.

Neutron Music Player: Bit perfect after change sample rate to follow in audio hardware setting. Work better than I expected other than confusing interface. Volume slide also works.

BubbuleUPnP: Works but always resampled.

I am just wondering anyone has other suggestions before I buy the neutron player.

I use UAPP using RooUPnP which is the same as the LMs UPnP bridge. I don’t change any settings it works fine unless it’s left after an album or song finshes and my Hiby stops the renderer from being seen. So if on radio or have a constant queue it’s fine.

I thought it was just me for Bubble to allow transcode so nice to know it’s not.

Neutron player has such a hideous UI I never got passed installing starting it up once then removed it. Good to know it works for this. Might try it again just as Roon endpoint.

Just tried Neutron it works better than UAPP. I think I might buy it to use for Roon.

Totally agree. Neutron works much better than UAPP with the bridge.

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