Which Artists should appear under Artist?

Hi everyone,

I’ve only had Roon for a couple of days so I’m still evaluating/getting to grips with it.
I’m running Roon 1.7(537) on iPad and Roon core running on an Innuos Zenith mk 3

On the LHS of the app is the Artist option. This seems to display all my artists from the music I have ripped on the internal drive of my zenith. It also seems to have SOME of my favourited artists in my Tidal account but not all.

Should I expect to see my ripped artists and favourite Tidal artists under the single Artists option? If I go to the Tidal app option I can see all of my favourite artists there.

I thought Roon was supposed to seamlessly blur the line between local and cloud based content? Or have I been misinformed?

Any help appreciated.

You might post this in support or support>metadata issues to be seen.

Hi @Martin_Brindley,

TIDAL favorite artists do not sync to Roon. The artists that appear in your library come from the albums you have in your library. If you add a TIDAL album for one of these artists to your library they will be added to the Artists section.

My Roon setup is so new I hadn’t got round to adding any artists or albums to my library so I’m not sure why some of my Tidal favourite artists appeared in my library artists.

It’s no biggie, I’m happy to work through my missing Tidal artists and add them to my library so they all appear in one place. It just struck me as a bit of a quirk that’s all.

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