Which AVR with integrated endpoint supports *multichannel*?

There is a bunch of AVRs, also newer ones, that are advertised as Roon Ready|Certified.

But the details miss in the spec pages: does the AVR roon endpoint accept and handle multichannel music (5.0 or 5.1 FLAC f.i.)? Preferrably with DIRAC on board.

So does anyone happen to know if multichannel roon streaming is possible with

  • NAD T778 (I fear it doesn’t because of BlueOs in the middle)
  • Arcam AVR10|20|30
  • (I know Anthem announced Roon for MRX740)
  • Onkyo TX-RZ50
  • or any other brand I might not be aware of and which is available in Europe

I investigated already the options with RasPi as an endpoint to transport the signal over HDMI, but there again multichannel isn’t supported. My questions here: Rasperry Pi multichannel output to an AVR other than via HDMI?

Another option I don’t want to consider at this point is a NUC in the living room, I have a Synology NAS that already consumes power day and night and roon core runs perfectly on the NAS.

Trinnov, afaik.

I use Yamaha RX-A… connected via hdmi to the core on QNAP TS-453Pro
This should be work with any other AVR.
It don’t work via network connection because this is AirPlay

Trinnov, ahhh, Hypex etc.
Maybe in another life. The price tag is “impressive”.

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My Synology is placed in the basement and its fan would be too loud anyhow.

I’m going down that rabbit hole for while now, when does it stop? Must I consider a NUC with HDMI out nonetheless? On the other hand, modularity with an independent endpoint is an advantage too.

A non-roon-ready high-end AVR that looks attractive to me is Rotel RAP 1580 MKII, it has DIRAC too. If it had a Roon endpoint, it would be a no-brainer for me.

That’s a problem. I use a 5 meter hdmi cable from the neighbor room