Which Bluesound Roon Ready endpoint for the kitchen?

I’m planning on purchasing the NAD T 777 v3 AV receiver for the living room when it becomes available at the end of the year. It is Roon Ready has Dirac Live and enough power.

I’ll be using it primarily for music in a 2.1 system with 2x Dali Rubicon LCR front speakers and an SVS SB13-Ultra sub.
I do not have room for floor standing speakers because of a cabinet that is attached to the wall under the TV.
For film I’ll use a 5.1 system by adding a Dali Fazon LCR centre speaker and 2x Dali Fazon SAT rear speakers.

I’m considering a Bluesound system in the open kitchen adjacent to the living room so that I can stream the audio signal from the TV to the kitchen, primarily to follow the news when I’m busy cooking. Distance from TV is about 14 meter.

The speakers in the kitchen need to be placed on a cupboard at a hight of approximately 2 meter.

Option 1 is a Bluesound Pulse Soundbar with sub woofer for € 1.700. Frequency Respone: 26Hz - 20kHz.
Option 2 is a Bluesound Powernode 2 with a set of Dali Rubicon 2 bookshelf speakers for € 2.700 (and no sub woofer). Frequency Response: 50Hz - 26kHz.

Is option 2 worth the extra money? Other thoughts?

Pulse Mini or Pulse 2. These are perfect for a kitchen IMHO depending on room size. I have my Bluesound wired and stream TV sound from Pulse 2 to Pulse Mini in the Kitchen. Both work great with Roon also and are MQA capable.

Option 3: 2x Bluesound Pulse for € 1.600. Frequency Response: 45Hz - 20kHz.
Option 4: 2x Bluesound Pulse Mini for € 1.200. Frequency Response: 45Hz - 20kHz.

The kitchen is 23.5 m² or 253 sq feet.

Would you consider in-ceiling speakers? You probably won’t be as concerned about direction given you’re only really looking for an ambient sound given how much you will be moving around whilst cooking.

I would go for your option 4. I have a Bluesound Flex in my kitchen which is about the same size and the only thing I miss is stereo, so a set of Pulse Minis would probably be great. It is of course a matter of how Audiophile you wanna go in your kitchin.
The one advatage that the flex has over the others is the five preset buttons. I use them all the time. I have a couple of radiostations set, a playlist and the album of the month on those preset buttons. When your hands are covered preparing food one button beats navigation an iPad or phone:)

You can set presets on Pulse 2 and Pulse Mini using any remote control you already have.

Good point. I forgot about that. Still you need to remember that remote. Yes I know - 1st world problems:)

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Depending on your need for true stereo separation, even one Pulse 2 may do (they have a 2.1 configuration inside). Bluesound did a very nice job with DSP, giving balanced sound even at very low volumes. At full volume, you could break a window or two.

Or start with one and buy a second if needed. I use one to great effect in a similarly sized bedroom. If you are in the Low Countries at any time, you’re welcome to demo it and judge for yourself.

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I’m currently using a Sonos Connect in the living room and a Sonos Play 1 in the kitchen, both connected via WiFi.
That works with occasional short interruptions, so the Bluesound solution will definitely be an improvement.
I’m also planning to shift to a wired connection, which will be easier using the soundbar as only 1 Ethernet is needed. Thanks for the feedback and thanks for the invite @RBM.

Even though I’m normally to first to yell ‘Wire it up! Wire it up!’, I’d take it one step at a time if you were to choose a Pulse. The one in my bedroom has been on WiFi since night one (by the flickering of the network lights in the dark, I realised I’d forgotten to black-tape them). It has performed without a hiccup ever since while WiFi is not optimal (fed from an Airport Extreme one floor down) – even though there’s a network cable laying idle right next to it: :slight_smile:

Bluesound must have done something right with the black bugger…

Maybe I’ll start by trying a Pulse 2 on WiFi.
I had left an empty tube ready for speaker cable that I can use for Ethernet cable if needed.
Over time I’m planning to replace a couple of Creative T12 wireless speaker sets in the bathroom and in the bedroom with Bluesound speakers anyway.

I have a Pulse Mini and a Pulse Flex (as well as a Powernode2 and a Node2).

First… the powernode2 is a phenomenal product at it’s price. It powers many speakers wonderfully and has an excellent DAC. Pefect for a bedroom or somewhere where you often listen (actually listen) to music.

But for your purposes I would strongly recommend the Pulse Flex. Other than volume, it performs as well as the Pulse Mini and (to my ears) is less boomy… It easily can fill your kitchen with music and if you want more oomph, you can get a second one and pair them in stereo. You can buy two for less than the price of a Powernode2.

They also have the preset buttons on the top which are much easier to use than your app or a remote… especially with greasy fingers.

I’m a big fan of the product… more so than my Pulse Flex.

I would never describe my Pulse Mini as Boomy. It just isn’t. I wish it did have preset buttons as well but I can easily live with it.

Maybe I just need to spend more time with it (or describe it better)… but as it came out of the box, I find it more difficult to get the midrange to stand up and be noticed before the bass begins to overpower… I’m not saying the base is super powerful, but all things relative.

I’ve got mine in my garage, so acoustics could be the issue.

Have you had success playing around with the equalization/DSP in i) BluOS or ii) Roon?

Anyway… I digress. My point was that in a kitchen I would prefer the convenience of a Flex which will certainly get the job done and if there is a need to upgrade, 2 x Flex would be preferable (for better separation) than 1 x Pulse Mini (in my humble opinion).

I don’t care about presets as the speakers will be out of reach on a cupboard at a hight of about 2 meter. :slightly_smiling_face:

Never played with equalisation as I never felt the need. Positioning and room acoustic would have an effect and I expect I am luck here. I spent time positioning my Pulse 2 with rubber feet to angle it upwards towards the listening ears. Love it’s sound now.
In the end we all have to find what works best in individual situations based on needs. No right or wrong here. Just different.

A home demo would be really useful I think.

Decided to go for the Bluesound Pusle soundbar, no subwoofer. My ears are happy.

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My Kitchen has a Bluesound Powernode 2 out of sight on a shelf under the kitchen island, hardwired to a pair of Monitor Audio W380 IDC in-wall speakers at either corner of the room, and I couldn’t be happier.
The TIDAL MQA is controllable by an old TV I.R. remote, or from top of the PN2 box.
Also, early in the morning, before work, or in the small hours when everyone else is in bed, I can plug a pair of headphones into the front of the Powernode 2 for discrete listening where I sit at my eating breakfast spot.
I do not regret splurging on the speakers for a minute; - I got them at a great discount, they are flush to the wall, my wife is happy, and the sound is lovely.