Which configuration?

Please help me:

I have a Mac Pro (early 2009) with 14 Gb memory, 1 x 250 Gb SSD and 3 x 2 Tb HD’s all dedicated to Roon. On the HD’s my music and on de SSD are the OSX and the Roon library. The OSX is 10.11.6

I want to run Roon in my living room om a Mac Mini with a USB-dac to my amplifier and in my study room I want to run Roon om my iMac also with a USB-dac tot my powered speakers. Using the Mac Pro as the Roon server.

Which combination of Roon Server, Roon or Roon Bridge shout I use?

Roon Server on the Pro and roon bridge on the mini and iMac and control with Roon on iOS or another mac or even on the Mac Pro if that has a screen or any of the macs can run roon as control (just start up and select the appropriate mode for the remotes (roon)

Thank you for your swift respons.

Ok, I installed Roon Server on my Mac Pro and Roon Bridge on my iMac and Mac Mini.

On my Roon Remote (iPad) ONLY the Mac Pro appears as Core and the library is fine. Cannot select another core (iMac or Mac Mini) to control that core. Scanning for other core’s has no result although I know their IP-adresses.

How can I controle these other core’s

Hi Frank,

You don’t want to select another core. You only need the one.

You set up the Roon Bridges in Settings > Audio. You will need to Enable them and give them a name. You probably want to click Exclusive Mode on each.

You control each Zone using the Zone picker at the bottom right of the screen, next to the volume icon.

Cheers, Greg

How do I reach the setting of Roon Bridge?
Roon Bridge is running on the background and I can’t their setting.
If I use the Remote, the only one machine there is the Mac Pro running Roon Server.
On my iMac I only see Roon Bridge in running in the top the screen and the choices are: at startup? and Quit.

Just use your iPad. You then go to Settings > Audio tab and you should see the two Roon Bridge end points (zones). Enable them there.

Check out the Roon User Guide. Look for Setting up Audio.

Cheers, Greg

Thank you, that solves my problems.

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I’m making the assumption that this mac pro is also a workhorse for other things. Failing that you might be better off moving it to a greener platform like NUC or RCK in the future, or even to the macmini now if its left on all the time. Move the large USB drive for the media and plug that into the mini and run server on the mini.

The Mac Pro is my old workhorse but now it’s ONLY task is Roon 24/7.
I cheered to soon yesterday, only my Mac Mini shows up in the (networked) audio settings.
The iMac with the same configuration does NOT show up?
What can be the reason for this omission?

Hi Frank,

Did you solve this? One thing that might block Roon Bridge is if the iMac has a firewall active or antivirus program.

On the iMac can you check System Preferences > Security & Privacy and then the Firewall tab and see if the firewall is on?

Cheers, Greg

Firewall is off and no anti virus software is running. I disconnected everything that not needed. The Roon bridge is running on the (boot)ssd that’s connected to the iMac through thunderbolt. That’s the only difference with my other hardware.

Hi Frank,

Let’s call on @support to help.

Cheers, Greg

I uninstalled Roon and Roon Bridge, their libraries and installed bridge again.
No result so far. I don’t no more tricks to bring this bridge to work!

Problem solved. Re-installed OSX en Bridge worked! Now busy to re-install all my other software!

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