Which good optical drive is supported by Nucleus

I want to rip CD’s to my Nucleus. I have been searching for an good quality optical drive to work with my Nucleus. I only find obscure Chinese brands. Has anyone a suggestion for a good quality external optical drive that rips good quality wav / files?

Thanks in advance

I use the LG GE24NU40 for ripping with NUC/ROCK. I like the CD/DVD drawer vs the pop open top style. Works well.

Depending on the size of your CD library you might want to consider using a ripper that runs on a laptop/desktop, much faster and more convenient for extended ripping sessions.

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Search finds

Thnx Mike, I have a look at it and see if I can find for a reasonable price…

In the specs Linux is not mentioned, but since it works with NUC/ROCK it should also work with the Nucleus since the core is similar.

Be advised the roon ripping process has some issues. When it stops working remove the usb cable and power cycle the NUC/Nucleus then reconnect the USB cable. It should work again until the next occurrence then rinse and repeat. Don’t think this issue has been resolved yet, maybe with Roon OS 2.0 whenever that is released.

That is why I mentioned ripping on another machine then using drag and drop to move the files to the Nucleus. I use dbpoweramp on my W10 Laptop at least until the issue with Roon ripping is resolved.


Hmmmm, I don’t like feeble equipment. I will wait with buying a compatible optical drive until this is solved. Thnx for your warning.

Many (most?) people use dbpoweramp and copy the result into the desired storage.

I rip with a $25 drive. No problems.

Nucleus ripping has drawbacks. There’s no reason to use it, unless you don’t have a PC.


I’m new to cd ripping with Nucleus. I read about it and the automated process appealed to me. As I understand there are some serious drawbacks. After your and Mike’s advice I decided not to pursue it further. I will rip cd’s with my Mac.


Bart, I rip everything on my Mac with an external drive from Amazon and then Roon imports it (my Mac also is my Core), and this works well.

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Thnx… My core is the Nucleus. I will do the ripping on the MAC and then transfer the files over the network to SSD in the Nucleus.

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As Robert said, I also rip everything on my PC directly over the network to the internal storage in my Nucleus. I think as long as your Nucleus is connected via ethernet it should work fine. Once it’s in the Nucleus, Roon has been able to recognize everything so far. As mentioned above, I use dBPoweramp which supplies the metadata making it easy for Roon to recognize.

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How about EAC (Exact Audio Copy) as an alternative for dbpoweramp? It also scrapes metadata from external sources.

I’ll look into that. It’s all quite new to me.

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EAC should work just fine. It’s just a little overkill for me. Plus every time I’ve gone to download it, my AV says it’s infected with a virus. I’ve used it in the past and it worked quite well at the time. I don’t remember if it has AccurateRip. dBPoweramp does.

Use an Icy box enclosure then you can use any internal drive you like via USB 3.0

when ripping I found the drive was less important than the software. I have also been very happy with EAC (Exact Audio Copy) and dBpoweramp

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