Which HQP Filter are you using? [2015-2023]

Great stuff.

What’s the DAC @steven_goodier ?

I’m using DAC-60 on a Accuphase E-260

Denafrips Ares


WHen you click on Networback Backend “Device” dropdown menu, what other options to do see?

I expected to see “naa” there instead of “hqplayer”.

That’s using the NAA image for RPi4?

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Yeah I used a new image Jussi built yesterday.

So should I have the IP address for the NAA (RPi with image)?

I think I’ve used the Mac Mini IP, in Roon for set up/zones.

Also if I want to use the image on different Pi’s in different rooms, I’ll need to use their IP to set up zones in Roon?

This is the ONE :point_up:t2: @Chunhao_Lee ?

Looking forward for DSDimension @IgorSki finally!


@Chunhao_Lee @IgorSki

Hi guys, do these settings seem correct for iFi Zen? I’ve tried many combinations, this one is the only one I get SDM working, but my CPU is at 274% and dropping out with all sharper filters except DSD5. It was a great upgrade to have now bit rate 44.1x128. Many thanks in advance.

Mac Mini M1 16GB/256GB. Using SDM exclusively for Holo Spring 2 DAC. It was a bit tricky to set it up to run headless via Screen Sharing

Current HQPlayer settings:

So after many tests, finally found the way for HQP + iFi Streamer on a Mac Mini 2012.

  1. After updating and firmware on ifi zen, KEEP System selector “1” All in One.

  2. On ifi on setting play back option, change volume setting to “Hardware” (fixed)

  3. It will be automatically able to be mounted as a device on roon (you can test it but once added in HQPlayer it won’t be able to work unless you quit HQplayer app)

The HQP settings
4. In the “All in one setting” ifi streamer will also have NAA activated, so just add on
The DAC on USB of ifi streamer

Input Device Settings
[none] ← very important like this

Then is done!

My CPU is at 300% but ok. I have the TG Pro app to keep fans working fast to keep CPU cool.

Notice: I tried using ifi Streamer in NAA (4) settings and it was not working, no audio coming out. Only PCM worked, but very low volume.


Suggest SDM Pack change to None (red square) and DAC bits change to Default (green square). DSD rate can change to 44.1x256.

Same as iFi ZS, change to native.


Careful @Moy - it is addictive!!! Hahaha!

I can see your choice of filter and modulator in the last post. “ext2” filter with ASDM7 - this is quite good combination. and “ext2” is a go to filter for many.

Also many are impressed by “EC” modulators and “ECv2” in particular. These however require CPU power.

I wonder if you can make 5EC modulator on your hardware? If you try, pick “-2s” filters for starters.

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Many thanks!
I’ll check later tonight! :star_struck:

I’m lucky yesterday I sold my node and got for almost same money the ifi streamer the same day!

And slept at 2:00 am finally fixing it!

This sounds like the DAC has a digital volume control, possibly controllable through USB, that is performed before DoP analysis. And it is not set to 0 dBFS. Any such volume control will destroy the DoP and result DAC staying in PCM mode and only playing out a quiet hiss.

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Correct that’s why I was able to change the volume to “Hardware mode” on Ifi streamer and it all worked fine again. Thanks for technical details @jussi_laako I really enjoy the hqplayer!

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When I select DSP source, it jumps back to DSD over PCM (DoP), this is because of my DAC-60 no speak DSD direct :frowning: only DoP

I have no idea how to run ASIO as another choice, like is mentioned here :frowning:

DoP versus Asio native - what are the differences/similarities? - iFi audio.

In any case all stable and working DSD 44.1x64, when I go to DSD 44.1x128 high-resolution FLAC files start cutting with hiccups, CPU at 300% :boom:

I’m happpy with DSD 44.1x64, until I save for a mini M1/16GB RAM. No hurry!!

On the other hand, talking about heath I don’t know if this forum is the right place to ask for this advice, but since my amplifier is on an enclosed cabinet with around 7-inch space, I got a fan to help ventilation, which will this, in any case, affect the sound? Like interference with Wifi or anything with the DAC?

It will be on top of here and I was thinking of having the ifi Streamer on top. There are 3 holes on the side of the cabinet. Two for the cables and an extra hole for ventilation. The cabinet has a door that usually is open and closed when the amplifier is off.

Many thanks again @Chunhao_Lee @IgorSki @jussi_laako

I’m curious if it would work native DSD without DoP using 5.15 kernel. Such as my latest NAA OS image. If you have something to try it on, just as experiment. Like a PC that you could boot up with the image (no installation needed), RPi4.

On old kernels, specific devices would need to be white-listed. Then I later changed it such that it is auto-detected and just manufacturer id’s need to be white-listed. Now it has become such much unofficial standard (no specified in UAC, but de-facto), that this white-listing is not needed anymore on 5.15 kernel and newer.


I would like to try this, I’m not a pc fan and don’t have access at the moment, but will definitely consider it. The other issue is that ifi streamer won’t let me either because of DAC-60 limited to 128 DoP or 256ASIO

I’m just curious if my proposed way would make it work “Markerless DSD”, IOW, native DSD without DoP.

It is still possibility that it would require some custom USB commands to make it work.

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