Which HQP Filter are you using? [2024]

Those settings apply when you are playing DSD source content to PCM output. Controlling how DSD to PCM conversion happens.

Those are fine. This is what I have selected at the moment:

But your poly-gauss-long choice may be better, although a bit heavier.

Hey all, currently using my built in DAC on my PC. It is limited to 24 bit / 192k. What settings do you recommend for this for PCM? I currently have poly-sinc-ext2 / TPDF / 192k. Thanks in advance!

1x poly-sinc-gauss Nx poly-sinc-gauss-halfband

With CPU chilled on Noctua NH-U12S

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Which one? … cpu

Sugo 16 with a DeskMeet B660-ITX motherboard

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Noctua fans it looks like

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Correct :+1:! Is this one

Hi. I’m using HQP4 now. I want to upgrade 4 to 5 but a problem is there. In the same condition, 4 can play clearly but 5 has stuttering several times while playing. I think the difference is multicore usage. May I ask if you can improve this issue?

Now I’m using (4&5)
Oversampling 1x : sinc-Ll
Oversampling Nx : sinc-L
Modulator : AMSDM7EC 512+fs
Bit Rate : 48x 512
Multicore DSP - On
CUDA offload - On

I use big cases, so I have number of systems with Noctua’s NH-D15S. It is rather big, but it can be fairly quiet as well. NH-D15 has two fans, but may have trouble with taller memory modules.

Something like a i9-14900K(S) is a beast to cool though! Keeping it running at full power, without thermal throttling, and quiet, takes a large case, large AIO and a lot of quiet Noctua (or similar) fans.

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What does “nvidia-smi -l 5” show as load differences between the two cases?

In your graphs v5 seems to be lower overall load though.

Those new modulators of v5 are not of interest?

I can’t evaluate properly because of poor computing performance, but I prefer AMSDM7EC 512+fs to ASDM7EC-super 512+fs. It has clear background sounds and is a bit more fantasy-like.

New capture including GPU usage. In V5, I found a stutter every 10 seconds. In V4, there are 4 stutters in the same music.

I know I need to upgrade my computer, but I would be happy if you could solve this problem programmatically.

Moreover, even with the same settings, V5 produces a much more beautiful sound than V4. I can’t go back to V4 because of that very difference.

V5 puts more operations on the GPU, so it could be also GPU occasionally capping. But hard to say for sure.

Thanks. I’m considering buying 7950x3d and 4090, but like you said, it would better to buy GPU first.