Which HQP Filter are you using?

Jussi does recommend you change the default password…

But I’m scared what might happen now ! The music is playing well :smile:

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Hello @jussi_laako . Which of Poly Sinc HB and Poly Sinc XTR LP is more computationally intensive?

xtr is by more than 2x…

Hey Jussi, would it be possible for you to put in Non Apodizing versions of Sinc S and Sinc M in the next big enough update? I love Sinc L but my computer can only run Sinc M and Sinc S in DSD without stuttering.

Why!? Then it wouldn’t be sinc-S and sinc-M anymore, but something else. Non-apodizing filters are bad most of the time.

(note that sinc-L is totally different filter than sinc-S or sinc-M, nothing in common)

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I’ve gone full circle after ~4 years.

Back to enjoying poly-sinc-short-mp the most…

For now anyway :grinning:

I was listening to poly-sinc-short-mp for a while.

Now I’ve been using poly-sinc-xtr-mp and have been enjoying it!

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Even though its been advised that Non Apodizing filters are a bit of a no-no…im still liking and using Sinc-L. Go figure

Non-apodizing can work fine, if the material is either hires, or doesn’t happen to be recorded using a typical recent ADC or mastering rate converter. But the results tend to vary a lot from record to record to the those factors. Apodizing filters give more consistent results across the board.

But I’d say at least 90% of current RedBook content needs fixing with apodizing filters.

i use poly-sinc-ext2 and asdm7ec dsd 256. i love it.
how can activate crossfeed in hqplayer?

Enable matrix pipeline processor, and then post-processor crossfeed in it. If you want just cross-feed post-process, leave the matrix table at empty default and just set the post-process part. But not that you need to enable the matrix process as whole in first place.

So what are the Apodizing equivalents of Sinc- L…Sinc - M and Sinc - S?

thx jussi. you‘re the most valuable guy here in this forum. i read all your posts here and on other forums. i wish that you would write a book and make a competing software to roon. or you work with plex in the future, that would be amazing!!!

sinc-S and sinc-M are apodizing, sinc-L is non-apodizing.

Hey, yeah I’m aware of that. Just trying to establish which filter is closest to Sinc L but is apodizing.

HQ Player and TotalDAC

Just in case Totaldac users are interested.


I have got a new toy, but at an old age; Benchmark DAC1 and me retired. Further I have puchased a closed back AKG studio head phone. If things not playing tricks with my head (except the strong dru … meds …) there are really benefits to gain by scrutinize filters, rates, depths and dither. So far the choice for DAC1 is sooo good with 24 bits, auto sample rate (but max 192000), Sinc-S and NS9 dither. Pure joy, so in every detail and corner of the music, yet so benign to my ageing ears. Almost like X-raying the music “body” with the finest infinite number of pixels sensor available. Still I know there are layers that remains to discover … :slight_smile:


Ok now I’m certain poly-sinc-mp is the best overall ! :grinning:


I can imagine that a nick name “dabassgoesboomboom” preference is transient proirity :slight_smile: :+1:t4: :ok_hand:t4:

Edit: no offense intended, off course