Which HQP Filter are you using?

I’ve made updates. On Flac files the pause is less frequently on MQA, still happening by the end of the music. I have a laptop with M1 processor to test if needed.

I found the issue, I had the ifi Zen in all in one (all services enabled) instead of Only NAA mode.

Still happening but now after 15min of listening :ear: to MQA files. Just a half second drop.
You can see my cpu and signal path.

Finally found the reason, bad Ethernet cable and usb cable. Totally unrelated to software. Using simple not fancy Ethernet


Here’s also one example of Hapi use case.

First two channels connected to my pre-amp for loudspeakers (channels 1 & 2). Next two channels connected to Ferrum Oor for the headphone system. HQPlayer is configured to output 4 channels (Unicast connection through ANEMAN), and HQPlayer matrix processor is routing the two source channels to these four output channels. The second two channels get headphone EQ for AKG K601. And I can easily switch between loudspeakers and headphones on the fly. HQPlayer processing four ASDM7ECv2 modulators to DSD256 on 9900KS, no GPU offload, no drop-outs.

In this case, HQPlayer is running in a different room and HQPlayer Client is running on my Linux desktop and playing Qobuz. Hapi and rest of the audio gear two meters away.

(Qobuz playlist: New in Electronic)


Will the 8 GB raspberry will be a best choice for dedicated NAA? (Not shown, but I guess is same processor as 4GB?)

Will reply in the NAA thread. Let’s keep this thread for the favourite filters discussion.

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Also why we are on the topic, there is a known issue with Roon resetting the Enable MQA core decoder setting on devices upon restarting the service back to “off”. Ticket has been filed, and the workaround is to set your device as a renderer only (instead of no MQA support) as this will save your settings after the Roon Core process restarts.

I’ve been noticing it the past couple of days on my devices, and manually fixing each time I restart Roon. I’m setting up the workaround now (Note: if you have your device set up as @jussi_laako outlined above you will run into the issue if you restart the Roon core service - reboot the server, update etc.)


Thank you for the info! I will do it that way!


@Michael_Harris this more accurate explanation of what’s happening with my ifi streamer when I turn off the DAC-60-amplifier and then back on, any settings that may need to adjust? Sorry to jump here, is both ifi and HQPlayer.

Jussi and Dabassgoesboomboom would have been my next suggestion.
I think from memory that Jussi had a Zen Stream, at least in the past.
Hopefully they can offer help with this.
I have put out a request to two of the others in the other thread as well to see if they can help.

There was a post about this just yesterady. Unless I am misunderstanding your issue.

It’s a good idea to keep an eye on all of the HQPlayer topics on this forum.

Subscribe for notifications (I sound like a YouToober) :smile:

There’s different threads for different discussions. This thread here is for favourite sounding filters.

See here in HQP Desktop thread yesterday:

Many thanks and sorry for intrusion, kind of lost in post subjects :sweat_smile:

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No need to apologise to me!

Sometimes it can help others with similar issues, if things have dedicated threads for problems.

Not a big problem though! Hope your issue gets sorted

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Many thanks ! Really appreciate As I want my family to also enjoy Roon, every time I turn back the amplifier I need to adjust the HQPlayer and iFi streamer, otherwise no sound :sweat_smile:

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Just turn off the Zen Stream as well - it is easy from the front panel button. And then turn it back on after turning on the amplifier, but even without correct order HQPlayer will reconnect once both are back online.

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That’s why it works for me, as I always turn it off.
When I turn it back on it always works perfectly again.

Sorry @Moises_M I hadn’t linked that part :flushed:

I’m going to have to put it down to the heat plus that I have been driving and brain clearly wasn’t thinking properly about Roon things.


Genius! It’s working @jussi_laako ! Many thanks :pray:t2:

Many thanks @Michael_Harris ! Your efforts of helping are really appreciated !

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Hi all. So, I just got the new Gustard R26 and had some terrible results upsampling PCM to DSD with convolution and eq on my i5 6700k and integrated graphics. I had to drop to 44.1 x64 for the longest playback before issues. It would play with some settings but then drop out and i’d have to close Roon/HQP for it to recognize as DSD and then when it played after a while, it would a channel would drop out and it would alternate and sometimes music would stop and resume.

So, I have an old Surface Pro X collecting dust. Been thinking of trading it in for a new i7 Surface Pro 8. Do you think it would be worth it to get it and move over to using it?

If so, what kind of settings could be possible?

So I’m good on DSD but can’t get audio from PCM…any ideas?

Check if the ADI-2’s volume knob is down low? Or are you using headphones?

Also enable ipV6 at the bottom there

Also use LNS15 for dither at 768k

Everything else looks fine