Which iPad For Roon

Since my iPad mini is getting dated and can’t run Roon software for iOS, I’m going to buy a new one. A few questions:

  • Is the 16 GB version fine for Roon? (It will be more than enough for my others apps/data, so I’m asking if it is enough for Roon specifically.)

  • Is the new iPad mini 4 powerful enough to run Roon and any planned near-future Roon enhancements? (The iPad Air 2 has faster graphics and CPU for $100 more.)

  • The iPad mini 4 and the iPad Air 2 have the same screen resolution, but the mini has much smaller pixels. Any issue with that using the Roon interface for a person who needs reading glasses?

Thanks in advance.

Um, iPad Pro?

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I have the iPad mini 2 with Retina display and it works great with Roon. So you’ll be fine with the iPad Mini 4. I would suggest staying away from the 16GB models. It just isn’t enough space, even with light use. Apps, and pictures taking up the majority of the space. You have to decide which screen size you prefer. I’m upgrading to the new iPad Mini 4 cause the screen size works best for me…

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Um, iPad Pro?

No, too big and too heavy to make a good remote, IMO.

16GB is more than enough for normal use, only graphic intensive games and photo/video take much space but the latter are easily backed up or put in a cloud. I don’t think Roon uses much space, the database and processing is on the Core, not the iPad.

I’d go (and did) with the Air 2, a good size for a remote and smaller would be harder to use I think. It’s also lighter than the older design btw, so easier to handle.

just to give you an example.

Songs 0
photos 524
Videos 0
Applications 59
available space 10.4 GB

The amount of my clients that realize buying the 16GB iPad was a mistake is quite high. Managing an iPad with not enough space just sucks…

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Samsung Tab S2

And how many of those 59 applications are essential? That’s a lot of programs and I’d say not an average use. If the TS has enough space now with 16GB than I doubt a bigger one is really needed. I wil look up the Roon size later, maybe it is surprisingly big…

Roon is only 84.1 MB. My 59 applications useful apps, FaceBook, Kindle, Amazon, Lightroom, Netflix, TD bank, Remote etc. The biggest is FaceBook at 354MB. I’m just saying most people end up using the iPad a lot more then they intended.

Same here, 84MB with 4MB ‘data’. Right now I’m at 400 photos, 26 apps and 7.7GB free of the 12GB left after iOS.
Anyway, Roon is not big (really only about 25/30 photo’s ;)) and with this info I think he can decide for himself.

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I would go for the iPad Pro - but then I would use the iPad for a few other things also.

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I’m not really concerned about disk space / memory - my use case is as a remote control. There are apps for my receiver, TV, TiVo, and now Roon.

My key question, though, is: is the Mini screen big enough for a truly useful interface for Roon? I’d like to just get the Mini 2 (which is now <$300 for the 16GB model), but don’t want to regret not getting the Air 2 for the larger screen.

. . . and any thoughts on Mini 2 vs. Mini 4 for Roon use (e.g., is the processor in the 2 responsive, or would the new 4 be “better”) are appreciated, as well.

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I’m using a Mini 3 for the same purpose and love it. The screen is crisp. The controls are clear and responsive. The text is clear and readable. The form factor is just right for couch/table and it looks great on the coffee table, waiting to be used.

I recently bought a Mini2 (16GB) specifically for use as a Roon and it works great. The amount of storage needed depends entirely upon your usage. I have a 16GB Nexus7 that I’ve been using regularly for over a year and have plenty of storage left, but I use it primarily for web browsing and streaming. I bought a 32GB iPod Touch for off-line audio (podcasts, audiobooks and music) and wanted to make sure I had plenty of things to listen to when traveling.

Impressions of various tablets from personal use:

iPad Air 2: Great, zippy, no problem with buttons, onscreen keyboards. Works in landscape mode only–would be great if portrait were an option. The onscreen keyboard’s a little large. It sometimes feels a little heavy in the hand, otherwise has a nice feel.

iPad Mini 2. Great, zippy, no problem with buttons, text, album covers. The onscreen keyboard’s a great size. Nice & light. My favorite.

Surface 3: Beautiful screen, Roon for Windows is great–switches from landscape to portrait without skipping a beat. However, the Surface 3’s heavy in the hand and the proportions, sharp edges and materials don’t feel as nice as the iPad Air 2 or iPad Mini 2.

Android: I tried in on a cheap 8" tablet with a 16:9 screen ratio. Much of the screen was taken up with the home buttons on the bottom and time/date ribbon across the top, leaving little room for Roon. The buttons and icons were almost too small to use. The whole experience is probably better on a 10" Samsung. Samsung (wisely) takes the home buttons off the touchscreen and puts them on the body of the tablet, so there’s more room for Roon.

About Memory: As others have said, 16 GB seem to be plenty for Roon on the iPad and Google tablets. How much you need depends more on other factors like storing photos, videos and music on the device. You’ll probably think far less about the $100 extra you spent than the frustrations of running up against too little memory. Get a device with as much memory as you think you need, then get the next step up. My two cents.


I like my Roon remote to be big, so I’ll be getting an iPad Pro.

Just an FYI, the new Samsung tablets Tab S2 are 4:3 ratio NOT 16:9. And as such @danny, you should really look at them…

I use an iPad air 16gb, its damn quick with roon, and a larger screen is a benefit when using it as a remote

I read a post by a Roon staffer somewhere on this forum with respect to tablet purchases for Roon remote use. “Buy the best. Upgrade often”

@danny Do you have the iPad Pro? What’s your actual experience?