Which ipad to buy, keeping Roon in mind

As my older iPad Air will be passed on to my grandchildren, I am planning for a new one.

I can buy
iPad Air 4 (2020) - 256GB Wifi-only at 799€ (the lower model has only 64GB memory, which is at the low side)
iPad Pro 11" - 128GB Wifi-only at 749€ (M1 processor !) - Gray colour only

So, the new Ipad Pro 11" is the newer, more powerfull model. 128GB should do the job I believe.
A fair part of use will be as Roon Remote.
Is there a good reason not to opt for this one?


I have been on the 12.9" since the 1st generation, and last month I upgraded to the 2021 version. I like that large display and find it a joy to use for everything, including Roon.

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@Ali_Shafai I use also use the 12.9 and I agree that for me, the large display works well for Roon.

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Go for 12.9“ it shows more details due to the larger screen.

Only my 2 cents!

I sort of agree with @Jim_F , the 12.9 is a monster and way too large for me to handle comfortably.
Now if you just set it up static on a table say and use on a stand or similar maybe.
But for handling usage I find my iPad mini4 is perfect size.
About all I use it for is Roon remote and to stream Disney plus to an older large tv that does not support native Disney plus app.
Excels at both function’s.

Will be looking at the new mini6.

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I did the same thing as @Ali_Shafai – 1st generation 12.9", and now latest 5th generation 12.9". WiFi only, smallest storage (128gb).

So fast, so beautiful. The 12.9" has always been Roon’s money-no-object tablet recommendation.


No reason whatsoever.
I use the 11 Pro and it works fine.
A Roon remote is it only function.

If you only use it for Roon and light tasks, it’s overkill.

If you also use it for other stuff, then it’s fine.

As others have said, if you want to hold it in your hands a lot it’s too big too be comfortable.
But on a stand it’s fine and will be great.

I, BTW, am using an old 9.7 iPad Air as a Roon Remote and for web surfing/mail - and it works fine, too.

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1st Gen 11” pro 2018 for me…perfect size

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Its all been said , a 12.9 IPad pro …

Its too big to “put in your handbag” so I never take it out so I went for 128 G WiFi only as said above

The experience is JUST !! If its not about cost


+1 for a 12.9” iPad Pro. Just beautiful!

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Thanks for all the feedback.
Decided to go for the iPad Pro 11" (2021) 128GB Wifi-only.
(12,9 inch to big/heavy and too expensive for me)


Magic keyboard is a nice addition to it, although Roon is not supported @danny which makes it a real pain.

I keep looking at the 12 but really like my old 11 pro and the cost puts me off.

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