Which is Better? Mytek Brooklyn Bridge or Brookyln DAC+ driven by Synology Roon Core?

I am running a Synology DS1618 as my Roon Core connected through Ethernet to a PS Audio Direct Wave with a network card. I want to add a second room and want to try out Mytek Brooklyn. Easiest would be to get a Brooklyn Bridge and just hang it off the Synology core via Ethernet. But can the Synology decode two streams at once without choking? Or am I better off to just get a NUC of some sort and copy my FLAC onto that, and then just connect via USB to the Brooklyn DAC+. Can I even do this with a single Roon Core or would I need to buy a second license? (PS: I also stream via Tidal).

Yes. Easily. The only reason it wouldn’t is if you are using some of the heavier DSP options, like upsampling to DSD. But if you’re using those, your Synology would already have fallen over with the existing zone.

You can easily test if your Synology is capable of running 2 simultaneous streams , by enabling your ‘work’ PC as an audio zone and play to it at the same time playing to your DAC.


Great idea. I’ll do that!