Which NUC For ROCK Endpoint

I want a dedicated endpoint for 5.1 streaming from my sonicTransporter running Roon Core. I can either purchase a NUC with Windows 10 Pro and download Roon Bridge for Windows or purchase a NUC without an OS and load ROCK. I am assuming Roon Bridge will run on any NUC with Windows 10 Pro. If I go with Rock I would not want to use it as a Core only an endpoint. I don’t know if that is possible, but I assume it is. I want this to be a headless player that is on all the time. The cost of both NUCs is about the same so it’s a wash. Any and all opinions plus advice is welcome, thanks.

It does.

Yes, other users have used ROCK NUCs like this successfully.

As for which is best, it really depends upon what you are looking to play. If you are thinking about DSD, then you should investigate if the DAC you are feeding works well with Linux.

Sonore have published here about testing multichannel support in the SonicOrbiter software that runs on their Rendu devices.

Andrew, that’s for using a multichannel DAC via USB. @Thomas_Mauceri has a surround receiver, so he’s looking for an HDMI connection.

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Only for 5.1. I think if i run ROCK it will be headless and just sit there until I want to use it. With Windows I don’t know if that is possible will I need to activate the system etc,

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Yes, if you use Windows you would need a valid Microsoft licence and to activate it. Since it would be headless, you should also check out this KB article.

Personally, I would put ROCK on it.